How Long Should a Resume Be? A sample resume for assistant controller

A resume gives a professional summary of your professionalism concerning a job on offer. The question, however, troubling many job applicants is how long should a resume be. Is one or two pages enough, or should it be three or more? The fact here is that these things change. When you consider several resume summary examples from the era of fax typing, you will notice it all. Initially, it was mostly a page length, later it became two for some, and now today, others make it three or even more.

Do You Know How Long Should a Resume Be?

But to make it one, two, or more pages, what details does it require? At least most job seekers should always consider this question before choosing how many pages. Below is an outline of the necessary information you need to include when developing your resume.

  • Name and contact details/ personal information
  • Objective or Summary Statement
  • Work/ professional experience
  • Education & Training
  • Achievements: Honors & Awards
  • Work/ Professional Affiliations
  • Skills
  • Interests         
  • Referees

Note that this format always changes depending on the specific job or position you apply for. Otherwise, it stands out to be standard as per the requirements of many employers.

One-page Professional summary and A sample resume for assistant controller?

A one-page resume appears appropriate for those applying for entry jobs mainly after graduating from school. At this point, they may not have lots of information to write on as they have no work experience. Also, tied to this, they do not have awards nor lots of honors to explain. The better part of their resume carries information on their educational experience, which may not be all that much.

Also, those mid-level employees who may not have a lot of work experience can use the one-page format.  At their level, they might have only worked for a year or two and not made much to explain about their career.

Two-page Resume and A sample resume for assistant controller                         

Writing a two-page resume is also entirely acceptable. However, a professional summary of this length best suits those in their senior level of professionalism and some of the mid-level. This group of people must have had 8 to 10 years of work experience and have gathered various accolades and had lots of accomplishments. 

While they can condense all their information on one page, there is still a risk of leaving out the important ones. It could be the information that the employee is looking for.

Three or more pages of resume

Following the trend, you probably already know why you should consider having three or more pages of a resume. With more than ten years of work experience, you most likely have a lot to document in your profession. By this time, you must have worked at various organizations, handled varied tasks, and probably received awards and honors.

When at such high-employment levels, three to more pages could be acceptable. Some employees, also at senior levels, can fit here. In their less than ten years of work experience, they could have done a lot about their profession.

So, how many pages should a resume be? Well, now that’s the question for you to decide upon based on your employment level. A professional summary gives details of what you can do when hired. However, you must remember to curtail your resume content to match the employer’s job description. If it is an accounting job you are looking for then you should provide details relating to that. If you, therefore, have no idea how best you can write one, check out the A sample resume for assistant controller.

Sometimes you need to develop a special Resume. You have contact with the designer and you can share a couple of examples of resume formats that you like the most. Your designer will be ready to create a Resume for you according to your requirements. Especially if you are a bookkeeper and you need a special resume according to your business. We will share more sample resume for assistant controller soon

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