According to the Tax Foundation, New Jersey (NJ) is one of the top-ranking states for tax burden in the US. Because of this, filing a tax return with them creates such anxiety and expectations on when they will pay. Fortunately, they have quite effective methods through which one can always check their NJ tax refund status. You can either use a phone call or website to learn of any information on NJ state tax refund status – for the company or individual checking for accuracy state refund NJ.

NJ Tax Refund

Like in most states, NJ tax refund filling takes two formats, using e-platform and mail delivery. E-platforms like the websites work fastest in getting your income tax refund; it only takes an average of 4 weeks. Mail delivery takes longer, about 12 weeks. However, you must note that all NJ income tax refund cases might delay. The four weeks can extend to 5, and the 12 reachings up to 15. Many reasons are affiliating to this variance; however, the most common one is late submission.

Below are facts you should know about tracking your NJ State Tax Refund Status 2020

Nj Tax Refund Tracking: Facts you should know

New Jersey grants mainly two straightforward ways you can always check your NJ state tax refund status. The very first one is through the New Jersey Division of Taxation website. However, on this procedure, you will need a few personalization details relating to your taxable income. Social security numbers will be among these details plus your exact anticipated refund amount.

The second method is the use of a phone call. The NJ state refund 2020 has toll-free numbers; 1-609-826-4400 or 1-800-323-4400, you can always dial to check your tax refund status. The numbers operate 24/7 and are also accessible to anyone in New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Mainly it is a scripted call; however, they give the option to reach real agents.

To check your NJ tax refund status, however, you must ensure it is either past 4 or 12 weeks past your submission date. The timing here will depend on the filling method you used – 4 weeks for e-platform and 12 via mail. Online systems sometimes take time to update; however, that may not necessarily mean your tax refund has problems. You should either confirm via phone call or visit the Tax Division.

Possible Reasons Why your refund is delaying

If you think your tax refund is slowing, then here are some of the possible reasons why.

  • Direct deposit concerns: If you gave the wrong details of your bank account, then your refund is likely to delay. Also, your bank account in this situation could be shut for dormancy.
  • Missing documents or information: New Jersey Tax Division sends you a notification informing when your details on tax income miss or are incomplete. Responding late to their request on this may result in the delays in your refund.

Whenever your check refund bounces, you will see it in your status. The main reason for this could be that you provided the wrong mailing address. On this, you should file a claim form to have it back but with valid mailing information.

With the same recommendations by IRS on federal tax refund, states’ tax refunding also promotes direct deposit and e-filling. The two divisions consider these methods as more fast and accurate. However, you must remember to submit your filling early enough.