MyAccountingLab brings all your course materials into one easy-to-navigate homework tutorial and assessment too. Its purpose is to increase student engagement and improve the result using Pearson My Accounting Lab. Let’s take a close look at what it entails.

MyAccountingLab provides students with the resources they need. These help them master critical concepts while completing their homework. Myaccountinglab’s homework and practice questions correlate to the textbooks. They generate algorithmically to give students an unlimited opportunity for practice and mastery.

My Accounting Lab: The Best Online Course For Accounting

If a student is not able to complete their work, they will receive personalized help. This will involve contextual feedback to help them understand their mistakes. Also, my lab accounting tutorial helps students through learning aids, such as: help me solve, thus; demo doc examples, video, and other multimedia assets for extra help at the point of use.

For early and continued success, instructors can assign the accounting cycle tutorials. By this, it uses engaging videos and animations to illustrate each concept of the accounting cycle. Students immediately undergo assessment on their understanding and their performance. The scores on these will reflect on the MyAccountingLab grade book.

Pearson MyAccountingLab

My accounting lab quick and efficient learning tool for all students.

Often time, students read the chapters of the textbooks, yet do not understand how the application bit. With enhanced Pearson myaccountinglab eText, however, it’s better. Students can engage in the material versus reading passively and enhance their understanding. Embedded media and animations provide further explanation and engage students more profoundly.

Not every student learns the same way and at the same rate. And now, thanks to advances in adaptive learning technology, you no longer have to teach as if they do. My Accounting Lab uses real-time data and analytics to reinforce concepts that target each student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Dynamic study modules help students study effectively on their own. This is ny the aid of adaptive algorithms adjusting the content based on each student’s understanding. Students complete an initial set of questions with a unique answer format that asks them to indicate their confidence level.

Once completed, dynamic study modules provide students with explanations of the answer using material from the Pearson myaccountinglab text. The questions repeat until the student can answer them all correctly and confidently.

These modules are accessible on smartphones, tablets, and computers so students can study virtually anywhere, any time. The adaptive study plan is each student’s roadmap to the course. It tailors learning material to meet the unique needs of each student.

HERE is how it works

The adaptive My Accounting Lab learning curve engine monitors students’ performance on homework, quizzes, and tests. Throughout the course, it gives personalized recommendations to keep each student on track. Each new assignment builds on the results of past tasks. This customized feedback ensures the students are understanding and mastering all the essential concepts.

My Accounting Lab offers the flexibility to assign problems through a variety of question types. Open response questions, algorithmic test bank questions, excel simulation questions, and general ledger questions. Each question type offers students an opportunity to apply course concepts in a unique format. For example, students often struggle to transition from online exams to taking paper exams. They have a hard time recalling accounting names and making correct entries.

With open response questions, students type in their answers instead of choosing their solution from a dropdown menu. This helps students think critically while preparing them for the format of their exams.

Another example is giving students the hands-on experience of posting to a ledger. With general ledger questions, instructors can assign the general ledger simulated questions that auto-grade and provide feedback to the students. Students, therefore, get the experience of using and posting to a ledger software with feedback to help them master the concepts.

Learning Catalytics

Finally, many instructors are looking for ways to foster a more engaging classroom experience in the My Accounting Lab. Some want to flip their classroom, while many others are just looking for ways to increase student participation. Learning Catalytics is an interactive student response tool that uses various devices. These include student smartphones, tablets, or laptops to engage them in some sophisticated tasks and thinking.

You can also use Learning Catalytics My Accounting Lab to automatically group students for peer-to-peer learning. Plus, their work in Learning Catalytics feeds into the grade book.

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