Will my PA Tax Refund 2020 come sooner?
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Will my PA Tax Refund 2020 come sooner?

Where is my pa tax refund? Pennsylvania is yet another US state that takes the pa tax refund procedures seriously. The PA refund schedule 2020 is the onset, and so far, many refunds have been made already. Luckily for the residents, this time, they had enough time to do their filling. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the deadline was postponed to 15 July 2020. In the long run, the revenue department ensured that the PA state tax refund was easy for the taxpayers. From anywhere you are, you could quickly check your refund status for an update if they had any for you.

Will my PA Tax Refund 2020 come sooner?

PA state tax refund applies to both income and property/rent. If you are filling for the income part, then the deadline was on 15 July. Those reporting rent/property taxes, there is a further extension to 31 December; this is according to the latest update on the pa’s revenue department.

Where is my pa tax refund?

The Pennsylvania tax department always gives quick information on every refund status. After submitting your returns, you can give the department at least ten days before you can start checking your pa tax refund status. Follow https://www.doreservices.state.pa.us/Individual/RefundDefault.htm to check yours now.

Mostly what goes on with your file is security checks and detailed confirmation. The automated system of the tax institutions handles bulky parts of this process, and in more complicated situations, humans come in.

PA refund schedule 2020 for most people has gone slow; however, this is because of the few staffing at the department. The covid-19 rules and regulations required that only a few people needed to be at a particular space at a time – so the staff had to be. Despite this, however, the delay has not been that much, maybe a couple of days.

Delay in tax processing

The coronavirus reason was on for this time. Earlier, taxpayers could experience delays as well in their tax refunds. Key reasons on this included;

  • Tax offsets

If you owe your state some debt such as child support, then the high chances are that you will not get your refunds any quick. You can consult with the department to let you know more on this.

  • Maths error: Pa tax refund will always delay because of this. When filling your tax reports, always ensure your accounting facts are correct; otherwise, the tax department will not process your refunds. First, they will notify you of the error, and as evident, it will add time to the refund time length.
  • E-file or paper?

At all times, electronic tax filing offers quick refunds. Paper does take a bit longer since postal means are involved, which takes a longer time.

  • Deposit type

You should always choose a direct deposit. Mailing check takes a long time before they reach you. However, because of security reasons, the department prefers to use paper checks for newly registered members.


Online bookkeepers can always assist you in managing all your tax filing procedures. It is understandable how busy you can get to have enough time to handle everything. Bookkeepers near me, however, by your side will ensure all run okay – they will keep you update with everything regarding your pa tax refund status and processes.