How To Verify Georgia Tax Refund Status in minutes

Have you filed your Georgia Tax Refund form already? Now it’s lime to ask, Georgia, where’s my refund? The year 2020 began on a sour note – the coronavirus pandemic was all over, affecting typical business operations hence causing the Georgia tax refund delay 2020. Nonetheless, the Georgia department of revenue did not relent its usual Georgia refund services. Georgia state tax refund has been an ongoing process ensuring you receive your Georgia state refund in time.

After filling in your tax return form, it is always a good idea to follow up. The best time to do this is when there are unexpected delays. Lately, the Georgia refund services have been taking 90 days from the time they receive your submissions to process your dues fully. For those who may be in this wait situation, you can always utilize the department’s website to check the Georgia tax refund status.

How To Verify Georgia Tax Refund Status in minutes

Where’s my refund Georgia?

The Georgia tax department offers 24/7 clients access to their website. Through this platform, you can easily deduce the information you may need concerning your delay and, therefore, the status of your Georgia refund.

Below is a quick button procedure you can follow on this.

1. Log onto the Georgia tax department website

2. Click on where’s My Refund link

3. Proceed to click the “Check the status of your refund” link

4. Enter the required details: Social Security number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).

5. Key in the precise amount you expect for a refund. Note that this amount should match that calculated from your tax return file.

6. Click “Next.” You will have submitted your Georgia where’s my refund request. Shortly, the next page loading will display the status of your refund.

Typical results you will find from these requests are as follows;

  • Sent: If Georgia tax refund status reads “sent,” then it means your refund is processed already and being wired to you. In case it may not have reached yet, you can always contact the tax department for more explanation. The quickest way to get a response is via phone call – use 877-423-6711. Their working hours; between 8 am and 5 pm Est.
  • In progress: When “in progress,” it means your request is still under review. If the review, however, is taking longer than usual, you may still want to contact the tax division for more information. Otherwise, you will only have to wait.
  • Unknown: The “unknown” status explains that the Taxpayer Division has not yet received your Georgia refund requests. Suppose you had submitted it already, you might want to recheck to ensure the division receives it.

Bottom line

Georgia, where’s my refund?

  • If you are filling Georgia income tax for the first time, or for the first time after five years, you will always receive a paper check for the refund. Security has been a real issue during the disbursement, and payments via paper checks offer lesser risk that electronic sending.
  •  You can always receive notifications on Georgia state refund when you sign up online with the tax department. You will know when they make the disbursements.

Tax is quite complicated and sometimes tedious to handle more so when your schedules are tight. Fortunately, there are quite a several reliable online who can handle your accounting, allowing you time to concentrate on other matters of your business. These accounting cycle professionals will effectively manage all your Georgia tax refund 2020 procedures in the best way possible.

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