How To Avoid Delays on California Tax Refund

California Tax Refund

The California tax refund: Are you expecting a tax refund this year? Any tax refund process in any state is often tedious and involves quite a lot, mostly in terms of time and rules in play. The California franchise tax board is in charge of California state tax refund claims by various individuals and institutions. … Read more

NJ Tax Refund Process And PROCEDURES

NJ Tax Refund

According to the Tax Foundation, New Jersey (NJ) is one of the top-ranking states for tax burden in the US. Because of this, filing a tax return with them creates such anxiety and expectations on when they will pay. Fortunately, they have quite effective methods through which one can always check their NJ tax refund … Read more

How Long Should a Resume Be? A sample resume for assistant controller

How Long Should a Resume and A sample resume for assistant controller

A resume gives a professional summary of your professionalism concerning a job on offer. The question, however, troubling many job applicants is how long should a resume be. Is one or two pages enough, or should it be three or more? The fact here is that these things change. When you consider several resume summary … Read more

What is The Accounting Cycle?

What is The Accounting Cycle?

The accounting cycle is a descriptive term for the entire process of accepting, recording, categorizing, and crediting all the financial transactions of a company. However, this is never a one-time operation but instead a repetitive one – after every fiscal year, it reoccurs. It is the holistic duty of a bookkeeper to keep all details … Read more

My Accounting Lab: The Best Online Course For Accounting

My Accounting Lab: The Best Online Course For Accounting

MyAccountingLab brings all your course materials into one easy-to-navigate homework tutorial and assessment too. Its purpose is to increase student engagement and improve the result using Pearson My Accounting Lab. Let’s take a close look at what it entails. MyAccountingLab provides students with the resources they need. These help them master critical concepts while completing … Read more