How To Fast Fix Missouri Tax Refund Delays 2022
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How To Fast Fix Missouri Tax Refund Delays 2022

Why is Missouri tax refund 2022 taking so long? Missouri is yet another state whose tax refund program has been delayed. As in previous years, the Missouri state tax refund process commenced in January and ended on April 15. However, this time, the global pandemic, coronavirus, made that not happen. Now the deadline is July 15 and everyone is anxious to know their Missouri state tax refund status.

How To Fast Fix Missouri Tax Refund Delays 2022

News on Missouri tax refund schedule 2022

The covid-19 disruption caused all the delays some taxpayers now experience. However, though, this did not come from one side alone, the tax department but from fillers. According to a statement by Anne Marie Moy, DOR spokesperson, they had started low-recording fillings as of April 1.

While comparing the previous year, 2021, and the present, Moy said, by April 8, last year, they had issued over 1.2 refunds. Additionally, there were yet another 203,000, or thereabout reimbursement claims the department was to issue. This year, 2020, by this date alone, only 1.1 million refunds had been made, and 197,000 claims were still pending.

Dan Haug, State budget director, stated that this delay would cause a push of about $400 million into the next fiscal year’s budget. He also added that about $500 million would be lost in this fiscal year due to the pandemic.

Why is Missouri tax refund 2022 taking so long?

Why is the refund taking so long? Department of Revenue offers a user-friendly website from which you can learn all you want about your Missouri state tax refund status. No worries, whenever you feel your refunds are abnormally delaying.

The procedure you will need on this is always simple. First, here are the requirements you need;

  • Your social security number
  • The anticipated refund amount
  • Filling status

Typically, how long the Missouri state tax refund takes depends on mainly the filling method you chose. In this case, the department only allows two, the electronic and the manual, also known as paper filling. E-filling at best takes only up to 5 days, and you get your refunds.

The paper method does take longer, four weeks. You must, however, note that any errors with the filing of your return can delay the refunds further. Some of the problematic issues can be wrong information, such as an address, outstanding tax debts, and mathematical errors in your calculations.

Tax refund status is one better method to understand the fate of your refunds. Instead of wondering why Missouri tax refund is taking so long, you can begin tracking other related information tied to such unexpected delays

A quick way to go through this checking is to visit the DOR site,, and click on ‘Get Started’ to check your status.

Last thoughts

Tax delay generally yields serious frustrations we never expect. Unfortunately, it is us that, at times, cause these delays. If we can keep our balance sheets right, we could avoid unnecessary delays such as maths errors. Today, there are several online accounting services and accounting labs you can consult for the benefit of your enterprise. Always when we make the refund run smooth for us, we, in turn, receive the service of it, quick tax refunds.