How To Get Michigan Tax Refund Sooner
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How To Get Michigan Tax Refund Sooner

How long does it take to get a Michigan tax refund? The simplest answer here is two weeks or 6-8 weeks for e-file and paper respectively. However, this is never the case at all times. State of Michigan tax refund at times faces delays. When can I expect my Michigan tax refund?

How To Get Michigan Tax Refund Sooner

Michigan income tax refund is a yearly procedure that any taxpayer closely follows when they expect a refund. Where’s my refund? Many ask this so often under the wait time circumstances.  All-in-all the Michigan state tax refund admins always ensure all the due refunds are met accordingly.

State of Michigan income tax payment, 2020

Michigan’s income tax refund process this year had some significant changes. First, it is all about the delay. Due to covid-19, the deadline for tax filing was pushed to April 15th, 2021. This gave taxpayers freedom and a quality chance to make right their accounting facts before returns submission.

This time also, there was a need for security enhancement for tax return applicants. Lately sand this has happened in many states, fraud has become common in tax refund disbursement. Fraudsters in this category are now diverting payments into their accounts causing unnecessary hitches between the Michigan revenue department and the clients, the taxpayers.

One practical method imposed towards security action is sending paper checks as refunds to taxpayers more so the newly registered. Other measures on this include identity verification which is quite paramount.

How soon is my refund coming?

Where’s my tax refund? The Michigan tax department in their self-help portal has all the necessary resources for your tax status. The site is easy to navigate and access all you want pertaining to the Michigan income tax refund. However, accessing this information will always require you to provide the following details as part of security measures.

  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Tax Year and
  • Filing Status
  • Total Household Resources (THR) or Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)

​How to start the process: log onto the Michigan tax department website, click on the self-service portal then proceed to check the status.


It is on the 10th line of your MI-1040 that you will find the Adjusted Gross Income.

THRs are found on line 37 of your MI-1040CR-7 or line 33 of the MI-1040CR.

The state of Michigan tax refund is three; sent, in progress, and unknown. Sent are for those who have their return taxes reviewed and completed. Typically, in this case, the refund usually is on the way to you. In progress, means, under review. The process takes 2 weeks as earlier mentioned or 6-8 weeks depending on the mode of filling.

Does your tax refund status have issues, reach the tax department now!

Where’s my refund? For any issue pertaining to Michigan tax refund, or any other, there are various avenues you can use in reaching the department. For phone calls use the support number: 1-517-636-4486. Also, you can communicate via email. Refunds’ quick release sometimes depends on how fast the information gets updated on the site.

Currently, it may be slow owing to the disruptions caused by the covid-19. However, though, there is never any wrong in trying to find out what is wrong with the status of your Michigan income tax refund. Meanwhile, if you have any problems handling your taxes, balance sheets, and the like you can always reach out to help. Both online and local services are quite numerously available for hire.