How To avoid Ohio Tax Refund delays

Ohio tax refund 2020 is a much-affected process as any other by the tragic pandemic of the covid-19. The significant delay in the department is because of recess. In a bid to protect the staff, some have been sent home for some time, leaving only those handling critical dockets. Nevertheless, the state of Ohio tax refund should not worry you. Checking the Ohio tax refund status is accessible to all taxpayers. Only with a few clicks on the tax department site, you can have an insight into the Ohio state tax refund developments.

How To avoid Ohio Tax Refund delays

Early this year, the federal tax department, IRS, extended the tax filing date to 15th July, a lead that most states like Ohio also imitated. The idea was to give taxpayers time to file their tax reports; however, as usual, most people will be waiting for the last minute. This decision, however, is affected the fiscal year, now the department will be making refunds instead of wrapping up the year. None of these would appear more severe to Ohioans; instead, they will celebrate the time extension.

Checking Ohio tax refund status – Where’s My Refund Ohio?

Ohio tax online site offers a quick avenue to check your tax status. Click on Check My Refund Status on their page to get started. Next, they will require;

  • Your social security number
  • Date-of-birth
  • Type of tax (income tax for state tax refund): Here you must indicate whether it is an amended report
  • The amount you expect to get as a refund and the file name you used

For those who may not feel at ease letting out this information online, there is an option. Still, you can decide to make a call to the department. The Ohio department of a taxation phone number, in this case, are two;

  • The automated refund hotline: (800) 282-1784
  • Live caller representative: (800) 282-1780                          

This whole process is similar to two when considering the IRS ‘where’s my refund’ procedure. 

NOTE: Before you decide on checking your state of tax status, always ensure it is ten days since filing your report. By this time, the department will have correctly updated your tax refund status.

Ohio state tax refund takes either 21 days or six weeks based on the filling mode you chose, electronic or paper, respectively. In either case, delays are ever possible, which boils down to particular reasons for violating the tax department rules and regulations. In some instance, returns filed via paper takes not less than 16 weeks in case of amendments.

Reasons why Ohio state tax refund is delaying

The following are the key and possible explanations of why the state of Ohio tax refund on your side might delay.

  • Offset taxes

Do you have any pending or unpaid taxes, child support, IRS taxes, or any other public debt? Well, this could be one potential reason to explain the delay. The tax department, in this case, will serve you with an offset letter.

  • Errors in your tax report

Every needed information ad attachment is crucial in the tax filing procedures. When yours misses info such as 1099-MISC or W-2 income from them expect your refunds to delay. Sometimes these errors could be mathematical, and in this case, quality accounting lab procedures are the help you will need most.

Bottom line

Ohio tax refund 2020 may delay mainly because of the coronavirus. However, you can still check your Ohio tax refund status to know of any updates plus sign up for related newsletters – from them, you can learn when they make your refund.

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