How Quick can Idaho Tax Refund Be, 2022
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How Quick can Idaho Tax Refund Be, 2022

Of all the tax procedures in Idaho, the only part that most taxpayers enjoy is Idaho Tax Refund. This year, the coronavirus messed up the Idaho tax services causing the Idaho tax refund schedule 2022 delay.

How Quick can Idaho Tax Refund Be, 2022

Typically, Idaho state tax refund commences in April. After that, depending on how soon and the method used in filing your returns, your Idaho state tax refund will always be available. Exceptions only occur when there is a delay. In this case, the Idaho tax refund status follows.

Tax refunds are never delay unless it is for the following reasons. Usually, e-filling takes up to 7 weeks and manual type, up to 10 weeks.

  1. Prevailing situations: This year 2022, the globe suffered the corona pandemic, which affected the typical Idaho tax services. Work could not proceed as regular as some staff members were affected by the situation hence contributing to the overall delay.
  2. Math’s error in tax filling: Idaho tax commission rules never allow refunds whenever there is an error in the submissions. Checking Idaho tax refund status will help you realize this soon enough. In most cases, though, you will receive a notification email about such errors. This problem never occurs if you watch your financial statements keenly. You can always hire an expert for this.
  3. Mode of tax filing: tax refunds only comes when you use e-filing. The manual method works as well, only that it takes a little longer.

Tracking your tax refund status: How do you go about it?

For most taxpayers, the Idaho tax refund schedule 2022 has been delayed. However, there is an entirely meaningful explanation of this, mostly the covid-19 pandemic. The Idaho tax services slowed down as most of the staff members and overall procedures were affected.

Nevertheless, the tax commission provided a better avenue through which you would learn of your refund status, their website. The procedure involved in this confirmation is relatively easy.

1.0. Click on to the Idaho tax commission website

2.0. Click, where’s my refund                           

3.0. Key in the needed info. SSN and first four letters of your last name

Is my refund available already: Quick way to check

The various status you will have include;

  • Sent: Your status will read ‘sent’ when your refund review is complete, and they have sent the money to you. In case it has not been reflected on your account, you can contact the commission via (888) 228-5770 or (208) 364-7389 if you are in the Boise area.
  • In progress: This means your filling is under review. Also, if this states prolongs, you can contact the tax department.
  • Unknown: The status will remain unknown until the commission receives your filling report. In this case, also, if you had submitted it already, you might want to find out why it is missing.

Conclusively, you must understand these refunds are timely. Always check the Idaho tax refund schedule 2020 to remain updated. Or else you can hire tax services to take care of everything tax-related on your behalf.