Do You Know What Are Types of Unemployment?

The term unemployment is probably not new to you – it’s been all over, news, and in our societies. However, recently because of the global hit by the coronavirus, the unemployment rates have shown a significant rise, affecting a gigantic portion of netizens all across the world. This scenario, among many others, has resulted in the various types of unemployment we will discuss here.  

Do You Know What Are Types of Unemployment?

What is unemployment?

When one cannot find a job despite having the ability and qualifications to work, we term that as employment. According to various definitions, the quantification of the unemployment rate formula pegs on many items primarily based on age and health.

When too young, below 18 or old past retirement age, working might be either illegal or inappropriate. The same applies to those who may be critically crippled. Types of unemployment attached to these scenarios are plenty and all pegs on these four key ones;

Seasonal unemployment is among the critical types of unemployment where the work you do for a company does not last all year long. It can take three months, six, seven, or any other period based on the traffic or demand needed in that organization or industry.

Seasonal unemployment typically exists in various industries such as construction, tourism and leisure, farming, and retailing.

Structural unemployment

structural unemployment definition: it occurs when there is a skill mismatch between what the employees can offer and that needed by industry or employee. Such situations typically occur when there is a technological advancement in specific areas of a company or an institution.

Most appropriately, an employee needs to keep up with the recent technological development in their area of specialization. Obsolete skills yield structural unemployment. Although this occurrence is involuntary, most employees never invite it, according to the structural unemployment definition.

Frictional unemployment

Frictional unemployment definition explains when a worker resigns from one job searching for a better one.  There are lots of reasons alluding to such decisions. Some of the typical ones include low pay, poor working conditions, and lack of interest in the nature of the employment.

From the frictional unemployment definition, it is clear this is a voluntary type of employment.

Cyclical unemployment

Cyclical unemployment definition: This employment type occurs depending on the upturns and downturn twists of the economy. The highest rates attained for cyclical unemployment are when the economy is at recessions.

An upturn always means economic expansions, and during this time, the rate naturally lowers. Critical elements in the unemployment rate formula consist of cyclical unemployment, among other economy analysis tools. The government always regulates such types of unemployment for a smooth and quality run of the economy.

Underemployment is also another closely related term to the types of unemployment available. This phenomenon explains a situation where the employee is not earning enough about their effort, skills, and time spent doing some work.


Unemployment remains a highly responsive button in most counties and states. With the coronavirus pandemic still on the run, more jobs and opportunities are being lost each day. The hope now thrives in the ongoing vaccination; when it all succeed, probably the world shall go to where it was economically.

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