Claim Your Iowa Tax Refund: A Step-by-Step Guide in 2023
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Claim Your Iowa Tax Refund: A Step-by-Step Guide in 2023

Are you looking forward to Iowa Tax Refund? Lots of questions might be already ringing through your mind, what is Iowa tax refund schedule 2020? How do I verify my Iowa tax refund status? Did I wrongly fill my Iowa income tax?

What To Know If You're Claiming A Iowa Tax Refund?

The confusion and worries are ever common at this instance; however, for a long time now, the Iowa state tax refund has been an elaborate procedure committed to more outstanding service. Although the tax finds you are filling, Iowa sales tax, or any other, you can be sure to receive your refunds at the end of the day.

Iowa tax refund 2020

The refund schedule 2020 has been on since January. The deadline was; however, this time pushed to July 15th as opposed to the usual date but in April. The cause of all these postponements was to give people a convenient time to file their taxes amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite the disruption, the Iowa state tax refund has been an ongoing procedure only with a few delays. Most who made their filling in early January by now they already received their refunds.

As usual, there are these two modes of tax filling, the e-file, and manual also called a paper filling. Under typical cases, the Refund takes between 30 to 45 days. Those using the e-file procedure can get theirs within 21days – paper checks take a longer to arrive.

Refund status checking

For Iowa sales tax or whichever Iowa income tax you pay, you can always confirm how far is your refund processing. A simple way to do this search for your Iowa tax refund status.

This procedure is quite necessary more, especially when you face non-intended delays – possibly, there could be significant reasons for that.

Error in filing your taxes is one of them. For those who may never know how best to check this, hiring a bookkeeper could be one essential solution.

Otherwise, you got to be good at using your Xero and Quickbooks accounts to avoid any inconveniencies causing delays.   

The Iowa tax department, for its commitment to a better service, has a more convenient way you can always bet on to check your status. On their website,, they have a unique link for this.

Click on the ‘Track Your Refund’ button, also referred to as where’s is my refund link and fill in the required details.

Required details for refunds tracking

Every time you are looking for the Iowa state tax refund information, they will always require your Social Security number, tax year, and the precise amount you expect. Upon submitting these details, the site will let you know whether your refund is sent, pending, or unknown.

‘Sent’ will always mean that your refund is complete, the money has been sent to you. ‘Pending’ means under review and ‘unknown’ tax file not received. At times, you could face hitches with this procedure more so if the status does not reflect all that there is – for instance, sent but no money in your account.

When this happens, always consulting with the department is the best option. Iowa state tax refund numbers are all available on the site. However still, you can opt for messaging, which in this case, is equally sufficient.

If you stay close to the department, paying them a visit to address your issues will be another great option; otherwise, other methods can still be useful. Nevertheless, quality accounting cycles for your business plays a significant role in smoothening things off. Always remember that.