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In the United States with over 200 million drivers on the road, misfortune can happen in splits of seconds and nobody knows which moment can put the drivers, passengers, and pedestrians at risk of getting fatal injuries or even death. Hence, it is essential for every individual to understand the rules of the road and how to handle various unforeseen situations to avoid car accidents and crash deaths. What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer or Law Firm?

The recent statistics by the Association for Safe International Road Travel depict that an average number of 37,000 people die due to car accidents annually in the United States. Moreover, 2.35 million people are wounded or immobilized due to car crashes. The probability of traffic fatalities in Children under age 15 is also higher, i.e. around 1,600. While the casualty rate for individuals aged 16 to 20 is 8,000 annually.    

Car Accident Lawyer or Law Firm Services

Those who are not aware of the road rules about individual self-defense shall know that if you have been wounded in a car accident or collide due to the responsibility of another person, public organization, or company, you may be entitled to damages under the California law and shall immediately consult a Car Accident Lawyer or Law Firm near you in the United States.

Although there is no requirement to hire the services of a car accident attorney to claim your injury or suffering, a known fact is that majority of the insurance companies that charge several dollars per annum tend to minimize any recovery or damages unless the person has a strong attorney to defend his case.

Premier Car Accident Lawyer or Law Firm Services

At that point, hiring the services of a lawyer can ensure that all potential claims have been made and that you have legal representation to defend your case for seeking the compensation you deserve. In this regard, one of the leading law firms of California, the Dolan Law Firm excels to provide car accident lawyer services to clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and across California, with offices in San Francisco and Oakland.

Recognized as one of the premier car accident lawyer or law firms service in California, the Dolan Law Firm has successfully represented thousands of injured persons and the families of loved ones who died in fatal accidents, as well as pedestrians hit by a car, since the firm was founded in 1995.

Why Dolan Law Firm?

Our firm maintains a network of experienced car accident lawyers who treat each client attentively, providing individual service of the highest quality. We assist our clients throughout the legal process, as we know how devastating a serious car accident can be physically, emotionally, and financially.

Our law firm has specialized and experienced attorneys to provide you assistance to understand the legal proceedings of your case and to help you at each step of the process. The car accident lawyers at Dolan Law Firm San Francisco are committed to providing clients with specialized services in the pursuit of justice and have recovered multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements for their clients.

The moment someone indulges in a serious car accident, the pressure begins to mount in a person’s mind as to how I am going to pay for the medical treatment, how I will claim the damages, or what if proven wrong or declared culprit by the other side. At that point, you need the help of specialized experts for legal representation to handle your case, identify all potential sources of damages, and aggressively pursue the maximum compensation you deserve.

Consequently, you may look for the services of a nearby car accident lawyer for your help and support. Remember, if you are in San Francisco, Oakland, and San Rafael, the Dolan Law Firm holds the experience, ability, and resources to successfully fight your case. The moment you contact one of our offices, our experienced attorney will be ready to hear your story.

Dolan Law firm provides legal representation to its clients in many different areas of car accident services. We will meet you in person to discuss your case, regardless of the type of accident. Our attorney will work with you closely to properly handle your injury claim and to meet all your needs.  

Car accident lawyers at Dolan Law Firm

Car accident lawyers at Dolan Law Firm will go the extra mile to support you in your settlement negotiations and jury trials. Many individuals attempt to handle their accident and injury claims without knowing that the insurance companies will try to fool them by offering a minimal amount of settlement for them to go away. Usually, insurance companies make such offers during the early days of the incident to take advantage of the victim who might not have any idea about the extent of the injury, future prognosis, and the cost of long-term medical treatment.   

Hiring a competent and experienced car accident attorney is essential for you to get the right justice and compensation that you deserve. Our attorneys are fully proficient to handle the insurance carriers to negotiate our client’s medical bills and expenses incurred while treating the car accident injuries and compensation for the losses suffered.

Dolan Law Firm car accident attorneys are the best lawyers in San Francisco Bay Area and across California. We have a successful track record of litigating and have majorly handled personal injury, death claims, and public transportation accident cases. We treat our clients with respect and compassion.

An individual has the right to seek compensation for his economic and non-economic damages in case of a car accident incident. Be it the vehicle damage compensation, the medical bills, and the lost wages claim, be it the physical impairment or the inconvenience due to pain and suffering,

it is important to retain a skilled trial attorney to ensure that you receive full compensation for your injuries. We look forward to facilitating you in your fight for justice using our considerable knowledge of the law and trial skills, as well as, the firm’s substantial financial resources and access to experts, to provide each client with superior legal representation.

Please let us know if we are your nearby car accident lawyers in San Francisco and across California.       

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