Best Alabama Tax Refund Procedures for  TaxPayers
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Best Alabama Tax Refund Procedures for TaxPayers

The Alabama tax refund is a reliable process within the states’ revenue department available for all taxpayers. It is one opportunity that helps taxpayers get back a refund for the excess money they paid during the filing. The procedure concern typical reference terms such as Alabama state tax refund, Alabama tax refund status, state of Alabama tax refund, and Alabama income tax refund. The terms almost mean the same thing only put in different words.

Best Alabama Tax Refund Procedures for  TaxPayers

As an Alabama taxpayer, you got to be quite familiar with how the department works. First, it is essential that you know when the filling kicks off and ends and how to get your refunds. Note that there are quite a several rules and guidelines to abide by in this process. If you are never sure of any of these, consult experts – a top-class bookkeeper. They will always offer you a detailed guide towards all your accounting needs for any unnecessary/ avoidable tax penalties.

How to check Alabama tax refund status     

For those who may wish to confirm or track the status of their refund application, Alabama DOR offers quite an elaborate procedure. Here below is a perfect guide you need to follow on this.

  1. Go to the Alabama tax department website:
  2. Go to “My Alabama Taxes,” and under Quick links for individuals, select “Where’s My Refund?”

For any further refund-related queries, the Alabama Department of Revenue is always available for contact. You can either choose to reach them by email or telephone, 1-855-894-7391.

NOTE: Checking the state of tax refund requires some identity verification details to grant you access to the information you need. These would include your SSN, ZIP Code, exact refund amount, and your mailing address.

Alabama state tax refund is a gradual process that takes between 8 to 12 weeks. Within this period, there are several procedures the department undertakes in ensuring accuracy and conformity. If your filling had issues, for instance, the wrong location address, automatically, this process will delay. Otherwise, with correct details and electronic filling, the refund comes in as soon as the department starts the refund exercise.

Alabama tax refund schedule 2020

Lately, however, the Alabama income tax refund has been taking at least a long time. The reason behind this is fraud avoidance. It has been discovered that lots of criminals nowadays tap electronic money refunds diverting them to their accounts. The pandemic status is now forcing the department to send a paper check to their clients. Although the procedure creates slowness, it always remains worth taking the risk of sending refunds electronically.  

In the midst of all these, however, Alabama taxpayers have a reason to smile this year. The Alabama tax-free weekend 2020, most people call sales tax holiday, has been a boom for most parents. The Alabama tax department offered a 4% tax rate discount on sales for back-to-school materials, which was such a relief. The time for it was, however, limited, and you had to be quick enough to rush to the stores – this was between dates 17 and 19 July 2020.

Last thoughts

For any taxpayer out there, Alabama income tax refund is onset for 2020 and is now available online. You can check the refund status from anywhere you are provided you have the required details and can access the DOR website. However, one thing to keep in mind is that all correct information is needed in this procedure; otherwise, delays are expected. Always consult your accounting cycles managers for any assistance whenever the claim procedure is not clear to you.